Where is Tupperware made? In the USA?

Where is Tupperware made? In the USA?

20081121 Tupperware HQ (35) (Large)

Tupperware headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida.


The Tupperware factory in the United States is located in Hemmingway, South Carolina.


This is a map showing all 13 Tupperware factory locations. Tupperware Brands has plants that manufacture its products located in the following countries: Japan, Korea, China, India, Greece, Belgium, France, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States.

Not from me: Most Tupperware sold in the USA comes from the Hemmingway, SC plant. The Mexican theme items are from the Mexico plant. Each plant makes the items that are indigenous to their region.

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I love the beach and Dirt Track Racing. I am an Auto Racing Photographer and Tupperware consultant. Blonde hair, green eyed, southern girl. Myrtle Beach, SC
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26 Responses to Where is Tupperware made? In the USA?

  1. delmar says:

    I just bought many pieces of Tupperware at a Tupperware stand at a Street Fair, since I could not find a consultant. Coming home, I looked at these pieces and found out that they are made in Mexico. Is the quality the same as american Made? Are they BPA free? how would I know? thank you

  2. ... says:

    I love Tupperware, keep up the good work. Hope you are well

  3. james says:

    I used to work at the SC plant before they effectively shut down the plant and shipped most of the molds off to Mexico.
    The SC plant is mostly just a token location to claim they are based out of US, although they probably still use it for a distribution center.
    The globalization and dismantling of what once was a US Company is very sad and has similar story to Carrier and other US companies whose bean counters can’t get enough of the overseas outsourcing crack-rock.
    I hope you can find a company with similar benefits and still loyal to US to work for.
    Take a drive through Hemingway some time, and see what’s left of the aftermath…

    • Hi James,
      I have not visited the plant in SC so I don’t have first hand knowledge of the things that are going on. I know a lot of companies are getting work done outside of the USA. It does sadden me to know the town and it’s people has suffered during the company changes.

      The company does work for me as I have been in a coma and I was left with shall we say…. some quirkes. My attention span is very bad sometimes. To the point that I can not go back out into the work force and theday to day grind. But Tupperware allowes me the freedom to work from home as I can. It has allowed me to help my husband in paying our bills. Which has meant a lot to me because I made about the same pay as he did. I worked for an Architecture firm. Then all of a sudden we only had one income and tons of hospital bills. Our saving depleated quickly. I am thankful that Tupperware has a position that I can work and help my family. I do know hardship. So my heart does go out to anyone who has lost their job. Prayers for your town. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Sarah Cook says:

    i would like to get a catalog to order but not on line, can i get one

  5. Jan says:

    I am about to place a call to Tupperware. I bought 2 sets of Wonderlier bowls as a Christmas gift last December ONLY because I needed more lids….the bowls were just fine…bought MANY years ago. The lids are already shot (the ones bought in December) and the bowls form a white ring on the inside after using. You can actually BEND the new bowls, not totally over but they actually bend…the older bowls do not. Tupperware has cheapened itself, perhaps for that bottom line. I don’t work for or sell Tupperware and am now looking for other product.

    • Hello Jan,
      The bowls are not as hard due to BPA Free regulations for plastic products. I’m sorry your having problems with your purchase. You will need to contact your Tupperware consultant or call Tupperware Customer Care at 1-888-921-7395 and they will promptly send your replacement items to you.

      • Marilyn says:

        Sorry about your difficult life.
        Factories set up in China that make products for the US consumer, whether Tupperware or any other American Company, should not tell American execs that plastic can’t be made BPA free without making it softer. I found some very sturdy BPA free plastic bowls & glasses at a local store in my area. They look very much like Tupperware, but were only $1.00 each. They are thick and stamped: ”BPA free” and “made in China”. With American companies leaving America, Americans can’t afford the high prices of Tupperware or anything else once made in the USA. Since China is the largest producer of counterfeit products in the world, surely they can use one of their own Chinese owned Corporation factories to turn out a superior look-a-like at a fraction of the cost. Since “Tricky Dick” Nixon opened up trade with China, America & other countries have been flooded with “knock off” markets: ie: Chinatown in NY, Canada, etc. Europeans (Gucci: Chanel: Izod, etc.) get their ideas ripped off by this counterfeit culture too. Americans will stop buying for different reasons and soon the ingenuity of the original inventor will be lost in history.

  6. Ariel Peltz says:

    Normally I’m against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

  7. Kim says:

    I spent over $500 of Tupperware “Serve n Vent” blue n purple colors. The lids are poorly made, it pops up due to lid has no depth. Called to complain and found out that Tupperware office and products are made in Mexico. Their qualities and customer service are not the same like it used to.

    • Hi Kim I’m sorry you had trouble. The Tupperware office is located in Orlando, Florida. I don’t know how your Tupperware Consultant handled your problem but I would have replaced your products free of charge. I also have the Vent N Serve set. I have had no problems with mine. Yes we do have a plant in Mexico and there is one here in my home state in Hemingway, SC. I’m sorry that your consultant didn’t handle the issue to your liking. If you live somewhere near my area I would be glad to help you. I’m in Myrtle Beach, SC. This is the number for Customer Care that the consultants use 888-921-7395. They normally resolve all issues. Please try that number.

  8. Cristina says:

    Buongiorno, mi chiamo Cristina, vorrei chiedere se è possibile fare ordini dei prodotti Tupperware direttamente
    dalla vostra azienda?

  9. Callie says:

    Many years ago, I spent my summers making Tupperware in Blackstone, MA. I don’t know when the factory shut down.

  10. Barabara says:

    I will not buy a piece of Tupperware. I worked at the TN plant for over 8 years. It was shut down. laying off over 800 people. Just to make it overseas cheaper. They could care less about people just bottom line.

    • I’m sorry that the plant in your area closed and you and others were out of work. That must have been hard on your area. I totally had nothing to with any of that. I’m just a wife and mother trying to help support my family and Tupperware works very well for me.

  11. mary elizeabhe ssumers says:

    Good luck with that….You may feel empowered…but a man, likely a middle age white man, with a global balance sheet is actually the empowered one! Many years ago, I was a Tupperware devotee, globalization…no so much any more.

    • Thank you for the good luck. Tupperware has helped me help provide for my family. I was in a coma and died in flight to MUSC, was revived and went into a coma with pneumonia and ARDS. It is a miracle that I survived. But then came the problem of recovery a long recovery it was. I was never able to return to my admin position at the architects office. This job has really empowered me and given me a since of happiness by allowing me to earn money for the extras that my family needs.

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  13. Rosie Leon says:

    Just wanted to know and now that I know I could be buying some made elsewhere, I won’t be buying any.

    • I wish you luck in finding a better made product. Tupperware is the best made product that I could find to sell. Their warranty is awesome. Getting replacemant parts, I don’t know of any other company that you can just buy a seal (lid) if your dog chews it up. I do have to wonder if all the products you buy for home are made in the USA or clothing, for that matter? It is very likely that you do buy products that are made in other contries. Tupperware is sold worldwide. So if it is sold worldwide why would they not have plants in other areas of the world. This is a company that empowers women. They are one of a very few companies that allow women all over the world to earn money for their families. In some countries women are not allowed to work outside the home and Tupperware allows them to help live a better life. Tupperware has not taken jobs from the USA to get their products made overseas. Most products that are sold in the USA are made here in the USA, in South Carolina. But they do sell the products from the other plants of the world here in the USA as the USA is a very diverse in people and their nationalities. I am very proud to work for this company.

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