They threw her out on her keester at a Tupperware Party.

You are not going to believe this!!!


This has been the craziest day. First I’m out of a car, its in the shop for repairs and had to cancel an appointment. And then OMG……………. Ok

A Lady called and said can you do a party. I say YES! Did you want to have you party early. She said yes right now. I say right now, right now….. She said in 5 minutes. I say What??? She says I got party guest here now and I throw out the Pampered Chef Lady. So can you come give us a party now. I said give me about 15 minutes. If you don’t mind sneakers & jeans and a ponytail. She said that’s fine we are waiting……..

So…. I’m blown away, right…. I just throw some Tupperware in my bag, borrow my mom’s car and hit the road. I get there and they don’t even want a demo. Just show it and give us a book. The party went great. We had so much fun. Very nice group of ladies. I was honored to be invited into her home. We had at least 15 people. I had a great time. Sorry Pampered Chef. Incredible Day…….

They said she was mean to them and talked down to them. She told them it better be clean when I get in there and the counters had better be clutter free. She said I didn’t normally do parties for this income level. She don’t normally do parties at prefab homes, mobile homes or apartments. And they needed to get on the phone and find some more people before she got there because she don’t do parties for just 15 people and no children allowed.  Then when she got there and inside the people were dressed casual and she asked them didn’t they know how to dress for a party.

The guest ask their host how much was she planning on taking. Then the party guest decided she needed to go. So,Oh my my….they threw her out on her keester, and one of the ladies had booked a party with for for next month so they called me. That’s a big no no in sales.

I have had parties in Plantations, homes, houses, apartments, mobile homes, trailers, on the deck, in the back yard, and one was a tail gate party at a sporting event. I have never went to do a party and some ones home be dirty. Their homes are always clean and ready for me and the guest.  I will do my demo for 5 people or 50 people it makes no difference. Kids are always welcome at my parties. I tell them to try and have a teen there to help with them. Our first game includes the kids so they can play and feel like they are part of the party. Then the teen takes them to another room while I do the demo for the adults and we look at our catalog and place orders. Then the children are brought back for the snacks.

I would never go into someones home and disrespect them. All 15 said she did this. And these were very nice ladies, homemakers and one even worked with a lawyer. I’m sorry that they were treated that way, but all did end well.

Here is a photo of 3 party guest trying to decide on what to purchase.


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I love the beach and Dirt Track Racing. I am an Auto Racing Photographer and Tupperware consultant. Blonde hair, green eyed, southern girl. Myrtle Beach, SC
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