The Truth About Microwave Ovens: Part 2 How Microwave Cooking Affects Nutrient Content of Foods

I also saw this same article posted by MICHAEL ANDREW ARATA, MD functional medicine. So I’m seeing it everywhere now. Microwaves have changed for the better.


2. How Microwave Cooking Affects Nutrient Content of Foods


Every form of cooking reduces the nutrient value.

Microwave ovens do really well in all three of those. For this reason, you would expect microwave ovens to retain more nutrients than methods like frying and boiling.The main factors that contribute to this are high temperatures, long cooking times, and using added water (which makes water-soluble nutrients leak out of the food).

There are actually a number of studies that have looked at this.

According to two review studies, microwaving does not lead to reduced nutrient value compared to other cooking methods (12).

One study also compared the effects of cooking methods on the antioxidant content of 20 different vegetables.

They found microwaving and baking to do best with regards to nutrient preservation, while pressure cooking and boiling did the worst (3).

However, one study found that just one minute of microwaving destroyed the cancer-fighting compounds in garlic, while this took 45 minutes in a conventional oven (4).

There’s also a study showing that microwaving destroyed 97% of flavonoid antioxidants in broccoli, while boiling only destroyed 66% (5).

This study is often cited by people who are against microwaves, but the truth is that they used added water when microwaving the broccoli, which is a bad idea.

Although microwaving infant formula is fine, it is not recommended to heat human milk in a microwave, because it can damage bacteria fighting agents in the milk (6).

So, it appears that the effects depend on the type of food and the type of nutrient.

With a few exceptions, microwaves tend to do very well when it comes to preserving the nutrients.

Bottom Line: All cooking methods reduce nutrient value, but microwaving is generally effective at preserving the nutrient value compared to methods like boiling and frying.


End of Part 2

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