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Hello There,

I’m Debra Todd-Jordan. I’m a married to a dirt track race car driver and a mother of a young adult son. I am very family oriented. I now work from home.

I’m a recovering coma patient from a gallstone in 2004. Which lead to pancreatitis then ARDS.  I was on a ventilator for life support. I lost 20 years of memory and was like a child when I came home to what I called strangers. I have slowly put my life back together. I have had to learn to read, write, driver and everything else all over again. There was a lot of brain damage.  The doctors thought I should go into a nursing home. My family refused. It has taken a lot of work for me and my family to get to the point where I can actually work again. I did not not leave my home for 5 years. After a lot of rehab, therapy and private tutoring…… Well, look at me now. I’m a fighter! God is good. Life is good. Family is awesome.

I rejoined the racing team in 2009 and we won the Points Championship for our track division. Mid year in 2009 I also became the track reporter and photographer. I actually work for LuvRacin.com out of Texas.  In 2010 I became a Tupperware Consultant and I opened an online internet eclectic retail store.

This is a very different life. I used to work for an architecture firm before I got sick. I tried to return to work there, but it was to fast paced for me now. So I made a new life and I’m really enjoying it. My old life, I didn’t have time to enjoy life, it was to fast paced.

I have a lot of doctor & medical bills to finish paying. We have them paid down pretty good now. Hoping to having them all paid in a few years. My husband made $50.00 to much for us to receive any assistance. No medical help, no welfare, no food stamps, I never even receive disability. But that’s ok. We will get through this as a family. All my family has helped to get me the best help possible. Parents, brothers & hubby. God has provide well for my care.

I am a very good Tupperware Consultant. I have customers all across the USA & international customers, as well. I have regular customers here in SC and in WA, CA, NC, TN, GA, FL, CT, MD, RI, NY, TX, AL, HI and others. International clients are from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and other smaller countries.

I’m just a blonde haired, green eyed, southern girl. Trying to make a living here at the beach, Myrtle Beach area of SC.

You can find me at

Debra Todd Jordan’s Tupperware Consultant Site

Debra Todd Jordan’s Tupperware Consultant Face Book Page

Debra Todd Jordan Personal FB Page

 Debra Todd Jordan LuvRacin Photographer / Reporter

Thanks for stopping in,


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